Chatuchak & beyond

Or Tor Kor Market, Bangkok.

(Located opposite the Chatuchak weekend market).

How wonderful! Nobody spoke english. Even better.

It was great to be in the middle of  local culture!!

Fruit, seafood, meat, sweets, etc. an endless variety of local produce! Vibrant colours, unusual shapes and textures! We sampled some of the strangeness and made mental notes of the things that really interest us, so that we can ask about it at a later stage.

Our hotel was just off Sukhumvit road, so we had to first take the skytrain from Phrom Phong station, where we then changed to the underground at Asoke, and traveled all the way to Kamphaeng Phet. I took this photo below upon exiting the skytrain on the way to the underground. My first spotting of a monk in Bangkok!

The pink eggs… this was puzzling. But we later learnt that it is purposely dyed pink in order to differentiate from the white eggs. It originated from China, where it is better known as century eggs – or direct translated as “horse pee eggs”… Mmmm…Yum! Apparently similar to boiled eggs. Still… we gave it a miss…